Tesla Model 3 Performance

£999 per month


329 Miles WLTP Range

280 Miles ‘Real World’ Range

  • 1,000 Miles/month
  • Maintenance included
  • Insurance included
  • Service & maintenance included
  • Charging included
  • Road tax included
  • Breakdown cover included

2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Estimated delivery: 12 weeks

This car is registered for the London congestion zone and ULEZ.

Premium car conditions:
Minimum stay 1 month. Minimum age: 30 years old. 

Tesla Superchargers are included in your subscription, so you can charge for free at any of their stations. 

Main features:

  • Colour: TBC
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • 0-60 mph in 3.2s
  • 155 mph top speed
  • 5 doors, 5 seats


  • 12-way power adjustable front and rear heated seats
  • Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound
  • Satellite-view maps with live traffic visualisation and navigation
  • In-car internet streaming music & media
  • Internet browser
  • Location-aware automatic garage door opener
  • LED fog lamps
  • Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
  • Auto-dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors
  • Music and media over Bluetooth®
  • Custom driver profiles
  • Centre console with storage, 4 USB ports and docking for 2 smartphones

All Wheel Drive (AWD):

Tesla All-Wheel Drive has two independent motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels—for far better handling and traction control. Your car can drive on either motor, so you never need to worry about getting stuck on the road.

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